About the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives

Last reviewed on 03/01/2013 16:16

Whatever people want to do for a living, and wherever they are in Scotland, our vision is to give them the opportunity to work in ways that allow them not only to sustain, but also to improve, their health and well-being.

We also want to support those who aren’t currently employed – for example, due to a period of ill health – but who want to go back to work, and reap all the benefits of employment.

Historically, Scotland has had a poor health record, though in recent years much has been done to turn this around. Our health is improving, and premature deaths from both accidents and disease are declining.

The role of work and workplaces in contributing to this progress has been fundamental, and this remains the case as we strive to achieve the levels of health enjoyed by most of our European neighbours.

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