Last reviewed on 03/12/2012 14:40

Our principle focus is to work with employers to enable them to understand, protect and improve the health of their employees. This also means they will be better placed to support those with health problems who have re-entered work, to remain in work.

We do this by driving the delivery of customer-focused solutions and services, the outcomes of which contribute directly to the ambitions of Health Works and to the Scottish Government's National Outcomes. The medium-term outcomes upon which we focus specifically are set out in the draft of Health Works Performance Management and Outcomes Framework and include:

  • A Healthier Workforce.
  • Decreased sickness absence and presenteeism in workplaces.
  • Safer and healthier workplaces.
  • Improved productivity of individuals.

Find out more about our vision, aspirations and specific actions through the Strategy and Strategic Business Plan.