National Advisory and Advocacy Group (NAAG)

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This page gives information on our National Advisory and Advocacy Group members, as well as offering downloads of minutes from their meetings.

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Mission and key objectives of the NAAG

The mission of our National Advisory and Advocacy Group is to be the staunchest of advocates for Healthy Working Lives, ensuring collective action and commitment to the agenda among key stakeholders.

The key objectives for the NAAG are:

  • agreeing three yearly partnership-based Strategic Business Plans for the delivery of Healthy Working Lives
  • ensuring that the delivery plans and subsequent activities of the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives reflect the Strategic Business Plan for Healthy Working Lives and the needs of key external stakeholders and customers
  • advising and facilitating the work of executive staff of the Centre
  • overseeing and upward reporting the collective performance of the partners against ambitions and collective actions articulated in the Strategic Business Plan
  • contributing to the achievement of reserved targets by partner organisations
  • acting as advocates and ambassadors for Healthy Working Lives and securing the active involvement of their respective agencies and stakeholders in the delivery of the Healthy Working Lives strategy.


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National Advisory and Advocacy Group members

Our National Advisory and Advocacy Group members bring a broad range of skills and expertise, and include representatives of Scottish businesses large and small, the NHS, trades unions, local authorities and the voluntary sector.

Chairman: Sir Andrew Cubie CBE

Steve Bell, Strategic Director, Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives

Professor Ewan Macdonald OBE, Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow

Mr Gerald McLaughlin, Chief Executive, NHS Health Scotland

Mr Ian Tasker, Assistant Secretary – Health and Safety, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC)

Mr Richard Cornish, Work Services Director, Jobcentre Plus Office Scotland

Ms Margaret Burns CBE, Chair – NHS Health Scotland Board

Mr Rory MacKail, Vice-Convenor, Federation of Small Businesses

Mr Tom Bell, Chief Executive, The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

Ms Sarah Jones, Head of External Relations, Health & Safety Executive Scotland

Mr Garrick Smyth, Health & Social Care Team, CoSLA

Mr Donald Henderson, Divisional Head, Directorate for Health & Healthcare Improvement, The Scottish Government

Mr Roderick Duncan, Directorate of Health & Healthcare Improvement, Health Improvement Division, The Scottish Government

Mr Brian Lawrie, Society of Chief Officers, Environmental Health Scotland

Ms Marie Dorris, Enterprise Department, Scottish Enterprise

Dame Carol Black 

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