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SCHWL structure

An updated organisational structure chart will be available here shortly.

Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives - Organisational Structure

NHS Health Scotland Chief Executive
Gerald McLaughlin

Strategic Director
Steve Bell

National Advisory & Advocacy Group Chair
Sir Andrew Cubie

Executive Assistant
Anita Hastie

Development Managers
Robert Atkinson
Kathleen Houston

Business Manager
Kay Donachy

Development Programmes
Mental Health: Emma Kennedy
Project Coordinator:
Alison Newman

Linda Connolly
Andrea McGowan

Assistant Director Head of Delivery
Aileen Simpson

Delivery Manager (Award)
Lynne Galloway

Delivery Manager (L&D)
Margaret Dickson

Delivery Manager (Wk Services)
Chris Thomas

Adviceline Manager
Sharon Currie

Delivery Coordinator
Yvonne Abson

Training Coordinator
David Adam 

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Where we sit within Health Scotland

Chief Executive
Chief Executive's Office

Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives

Public Health Science
Evidence for Action
Knowledge Services
Public Health Observatory

Programme, Design and Delivery
Better Health
Corporate Communications
Healthy Behaviours
Healthy Living
Health and Wellbeing
Learning and Workforce Development

Resource Management
Business Improvement Programme
Estates and Facilities
Information Governance and Risk Management
Procurement and Contracts

Equality, People and Performance
Human Resources
Learning Function
Organisational Performance
Strategy and Engagement

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