Introducing Health Risks at Work DVD

Last reviewed on 24/01/2013 18:14

The introducing Health Risks at Work DVD is a 10 minute introduction to the topics covered by the initiative. It is available in five languages (English, Polish, Chinese, Urdu and Punjabi) to ensure that key health risks messages reach as many workers.

The DVD can be watched online and is widely available free from the partner organisations including Safety Groups UK, Healthy Working Lives and the Scottish Chamber of Safety and from supporters such as ARCO.

The DVD can be used to raise awareness of the topics and can be shown to employees and managers and used in training sessions as a means of starting conversations and explaining the issues in your workplace.

Crucially the DVD is designed to be passed around as many workplaces as possible to help spread the information on risks to health and the types of control measures available. If you have a spare copy, pass it on to another company or point them to the web page to view it themselves.

Introducing Health Risks at Work DVD

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