Introducing Health Risks at Work

Last reviewed on 24/01/2013 18:12

Work is important for health. This includes our economic and physical health and our mental health and wellbeing. Equally, health is important for work, for productive and successful businesses, thriving local communities and the sustainable economic development of the nation. In short – healthy people make healthy profits.

However, the work activities we perform, the environmental conditions and substances we are exposed to, can cause long-term harm to our health. These risks to health can be managed, and ill health prevented, if every business takes some simple steps to identify sources of harm and implement measures to manage them. The Health Risks at Work initiative provides tools and support for smaller organisations to help identify these risks and manage them is a way suitable to the organisation.

The tools are, a DVD and Rapid Reference Cards, to help organisations identity where they may have problems. Critically, face to face advice and support is also part of the process of learning about and managing these health risks. The Health Risks at Work initiative involves the provision of free, face to face support or mentoring from a number of partner organisations. The DVD is designed to introduce you and your workers to common health risks and each chapter can be used separately to raise awareness of a specific risk in your workplace. The written guidance cards provide you with quick and easy access to more information on managing these health risks.

The Health Risks at Work package also signposts you to organisations who are able to give you ongoing support. You can use the Health Risks at Work package in your own organisation or become more involved as a Champion, promoting the tool to a wider audience. On these pages you can view each of the videos on health risks and view or print the individual chapters.

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