Becoming involved with Health Risks at Work

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The Health Risks at Work package not only provides practical information to help you manage risks in your workplace, it also signposts you to organisations who are there to give you ongoing support.

You can use the package in your organisation and also use it to support other businesses in your community or supply chain. You could help them directly or simply pass on the information and links about the web site and the initiative.

Many managers and individuals will be able to work though the chapters of Health Risks at Work that relate to their workplace, some may have questions or require extra support.

Safety Groups UK is setting up a network of Champions to assist organisations find someone in their area who can help them implement the Health Risks at Work initiative. These Champions are often experienced health and safety professions who can give some of their knowledge and support to organisations who do not currently have this expertise. The Champions also have links to others who may have the expertise you need.

How can you help?

Health Risks at Work is all about helping yourself and others to identify and manage health risks. Check out the case studies to see how others have become involved in supporting the initiative. Being a user of the tool kit enables you to see how others could benefit too.

Users are well placed to identify smaller organisations that may benefit from support and assistance in managing their health risks. These organisations may be in your supply chain, the same business sector or have some other involvement with your business.

Users may explain or demonstrate the Health Risks at Work package to other organisations, to raise their awareness of the issues.

Users may be able to offer ongoing mentoring and support or signposting to other bodies locally who can offer extra support.

Extra help: Where a Champion is not in a position to offer support in the process, they should refer the participating organisation on to our supporting organisations who can offer this additional assistance.

You are invited to register for the Healthy Working Lives newsletter where you will hear more about the Health Risks at Work Initiative and Healthy Working Lives activities. The Safety Groups UK web page (external link) also carries up to date information on the initiative.

By becoming a User or Champion, your participation in mentoring other organisations can be used towards your professional CPD, for example the professional training courses run by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) (external link). 

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