Health Risks at Work
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Every organisation, large or small, is invited to become involved in the Health Risks at Work initiative, to identify and manage the common risks to health associated with work activities. These pages will tell you more about the initiative and how you and your organisation can become involved. You will also find links to further information and advice on health risks in your workplace. You should not be charged for any Health Risks at Work resources as they are all available FREE to download.

Legislation and Policy

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Information about employers' policy and legal requirements around workplace health and safety, staff working conditions and dealing with ill health and injury.

Hazardous substances guidance

A step-by-step guide to identifying and controlling hazardous substances.

Health and Safety - Quick Start Guide

A beginner's guide to protecting and improving employee health.

Workplace Hazards

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Information on common hazards from asbestos to vibration.

Health Risks at Work

Learn more about the Health Risks at work initiative, managing health risks associated with workplace activities and how to become involved.

Equipment and Safe Working Practice

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Information and advice on the safe use of common items of work equipment, and safe working methods for everyday activities.

Office Hazards

The office hazards programme is designed to help you identify the various hazards found in offices and give you some suggestions on how to deal with them in both practical and legal terms.


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Assisting people into (or back to) work benefits businesses, individuals and communities. Read what organisations can do to help and what assistance is available.

Promoting Health at Work

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Employers and employees benefit from promoting health in the workplace. Having healthy and motivated staff can reduce sickness absences, improve productivity, and help create a safer working environment. Read about health issues that can be addressed in the workplace here.