Accident reporting

Last reviewed on 25/06/2014 10:59

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences legislation (known as RIDDOR), requires employers to report certain accidents, injuries and work-related diseases or death, to the appropriate enforcing authority, eg. the Health and Safety Executive or the local environmental health department.

RIDDOR reporting procedure

Under the law you must report:

  • Injuries that result in over seven days' absence
  • Major injuries
  • Work-related deaths
  • Work related diseases (such as occupational asthma) and certain dangerous occurrences
  • Any accidents involving members of the public on your premises, who are subsequently taken directly to hospital.

Steps to ensuring RIDDOR compliance

1. Make sure you have a clear system for reporting accidents and incidents (you can use the accident investigation record template if required).

2. Make sure you know how to report an accident to the enforcing authority.

3. Ensure your employees know the name of the person to whom they should report any accidents.

4. Ensure your accident book complies with data protection.

Accident recording template

Accident investigation record template [PDF]