Staff consultation

Last reviewed on 26/06/2014 09:46

As part of your health and safety responsibilities, you will need to consult with your staff on issues that could affect their health and safety at work.

Consultation helps promote a positive culture, and ensures that everyone is given an opportunity to influence health and safety policies and procedures.

For smaller businesses, the most practical way to consult is directly with staff through listening directly and involving them in conversations around health and safety.

Carrying out staff consultation

1. Provide information to employees on your arrangement for health and safety and how they can contribute ideas or suggestions.

2. Provide information that can easily be understood by your employees, for example getting information translated.

3. Encourage your employees to ask questions, raise concerns and make recommendations. Give employees enough time to express their views.

4. Take your employees' views into account before making a final decision.

5. Provide direct feedback to those employees who contribute.

Further information

Read the Healthy Working Lives guide to staff consultation.

The Health and Safety Executive has also produced a brief guide to the law on staff consultation (external link).

You can also call our Adviceline for free confidential advice, to request a workplace visit, or to register for our Award programme which recognises and accredits good practice.