Workplace Health and Safety

‚ÄčThese pages contain advice on policies and procedures that can help employers control health and safety risks in the workplace.

Health and Safety Legislation

Read about the Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and guidance that cover all employers and workplaces.

Health and safety policy

A good policy on health and safety is essential for protecting staff and members of the public. Learn how to develop one here.

Basic Paperwork for Health and Safety

Read which records and written policies are needed to meet legal obligations and how they promote health and safety.

Recording and Reporting Accidents, Ill Health and Near Misses

Learn about requirements for recording and reporting accidents, ill health and near misses, and why doing so improves health and safety for everyone.

Risk Assessment

Learn how to carry out risk assessments.

Workplace Inspections

Worker silhouette

Inspections are important in any safety management system to ensure your workplace is meeting required standards and to identify and remedy problems. Some inspections are required by law.

Working with contractors

Advice on selecting competent contractors and ensuring essential health and safety information flows between client and contractor.

Consultation with Employees

Employee consultation helps to inform policy development, assist their uptake, and is a legal requirement in most workplaces.