Staff Welfare and Working Conditions

10.pngFollow the links below for advice on safe and healthy practices relating to staffing and procedures that help promote good working relations.

You will also find information on supporting employees at various life stages and those who are dealing with life changes and other challenges.

Disability Discrimination within the Equality Act 2010

Information on meeting the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010, and sources of help and advice when making reasonable adjustments.

Home Working

Advice on the things employers and employees should consider when assessing the suitability and the risks associated with home working.

Lone Working

Learn about safety issues around lone working and how to minimise the risks to staff.

Maternity and Parenting

Silhouette of a pregnant woman

Information on maternity pay, parental leave, and special considerations for pregnant workers and breastfeeding mothers.

Welfare at Work

Advice on provision of adequate welfare facilities, including heating, lighting, ventilation, rest areas, toilet facilities, and drinking water.

Working Time

Read about legal requirements around working hours, rest breaks, and special considerations for nightshift workers.

Young People in the Workplace

Advice on protecting the health and safety of young workers and legal obligations around the employment of young people.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol can be a cause of workplace accidents and is a major cause of ill health, low productivity and absenteeism.

Drugs Policy

Why every workplace should have a drugs policy and how to develop one.

Smoking Policy

Find out how to develop effective workplace policies on smoking and how they promote health and well-being.

Violence and Aggression

How to assess the risks to staff from violence and aggression, how to protect them from it and advice on supporting victims.