Dealing with Ill health and Injury

Workers shaking handsThis section contains information on work-related illnesses and injuries and advice on good practices to minimise the negative health effects of work.

Supporting Attendance

Read how sickness absences can be managed to the benefit of organisations and individuals.

Sick Note to Fit Note

Worker silhouette

Find information, advice and direction for employers and employees on actions after the introduction off the GP fit note system.


Learn about the causes of stress in the workplace and read advice on how to avoid it and deal with its effects.

Back Pain and Repetitive Strain Injury

Advice on workplace practices that can prevent back pain and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).


Information on cancer in the workplace, links to advice on how to support employees with a cancer diagnosis, details of legal duties and entitlements, and links to helpful organisations.

First Aid

How to make effective first aid arrangements for the workplace.

Vocational Rehabilitation

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Find out how organisations can benefit from supporting people with disabilities or illnesses to stay in employment or go back to work, and how to find help to do so.

Health Surveillance

Advice on when and how employers should monitor the health of workers, plus a glossary of common terms.