Supporting Attendance

Careful and supportive management of staff attendance through both illness and non-work related issues can increase staff performance, loyalty and productivity. This section helps you to develop your own policy and introduces the main issues to consider when managing attendance. Plus you'll find information about the most common work-related illnesses and a downloadable tool to help you record attendance.

Useful documents

Return to work form (PDF 153 KB)

Supporting staff attendance policy (PDF 89 KB)

Employers' guidance to obtaining a medical report for an employee (PDF 110KB)

Employee consent for employer to access medical notes (PDF 121 KB)

Supporting employees on long term sickness absence

Fit for Work Scotland is a free, confidential advice and support service to help manage long term sickness absence. Employers worried about their employees and GPs concerned about their patients can, with consent, refer them to the service (online referral is quick and easy). Provided by NHS Scotland the service offers expert support, assessment and back-to-work advice.

Visit Fit for Work Scotland or call the Adviceline to discuss your options 0800 019 2211.

What is attendance management?

This page sets out reasons for a sound attendance policy and gives you a list of helpful practices in assisting employees to remain at or return at work.

Recording attendance tool

The downloadable tool can help you start recording attendance and we've also provided guidance on data protection issues. You'll also find methods of analysing the frequency and length of absences.

Common causes of work-related illness

Information on some of the most common work-related illness types, which often result in absence from work and can result in prolonged or even permanent exclusion from the workplace. The types of illness include back pain, upper limb disorders, asthmas, dermatitis and others related to noise and display screen equipment.

Developing attendance management policies and practice

In this page you'll find resources to help you develop your own attendance management policy, including information on consulting with employees to create the policy. You'll get guidance on supporting employees who are off work due to sickness. The implications of the Equality Act and the Data Protection Act are also included.