About Working Health Services Scotland

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Working Health Services Scotland provides free and confidential advice and health support for the self-employed and people working in companies with less than 250 employees.

If you have a health condition which you feel is impacting on your work, you could benefit from Working Health Services Scotland.  

The service aims to help you manage your condition, preventing you from having an episode of sickness absence or helping you return to work if an episode occurs.

A Case Manager will complete a comprehensive assessment; develop an action plan and co-ordinate treatment. The assessment includes a range of pre-programme measures that are repeated mid programme and/or on completion of service to evidence the client's progress. 

The programme can provide quick access to the following services where appropriate

  • Physiotherapy.
  • Counselling.
  • Occupational therapy.

The Case Manager may also provide signposting to services for help and advice on issues such as employment, housing and debt management. All treatments and interventions are delivered within in local community venues whenever possible.

To be eligible for this service you must be

  • self-employed at work or absent from work for any length of time 
  • employed by a company of 250 employees or less and be at work or absent for 3 weeks or less

Working Health Services Scotland accepts referrals from

  • GP's
  • health professionals
  • partner organisations
  • clients who can self-refer

Working Health Services Scotland provides employees with access to several free, confidential services and aims to refer to services quickly thus helping to prevent further deterioration of health problems. 

The Case Manager liaises with GP’s, if required, and other relevant professionals to ensure effective outcomes.

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If you need further information please contact Working Health Services on 0800 019 2211 and select option 3.