Case studies - Working Health Services Scotland

Find out how Working Health Services Scotland in Tayside, Borders and Lothian has helped employees of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remain in or return to work after a period of absence.

Case study - Angela Henderson

Angela works as a Playgroup Leader in Dundee and recently received support from Working Health Services Tayside.

Case Study - Jane Kelbie

Jane owns her own hair salon - Clipso Hair Design - in Dundee and has recently received support from Working Health Services Tayside.

Case Study - Mother of two

A mother of two from the Scottish Borders was able to avoid a long absence from work thanks to support she received from the Working Health Services Borders project.

Case Study-Jack, Mechanic

Read how Working Health Services Lothian helped Jack return to work after an absence whilst maintaining the right balance between the employer’s needs and Jack's health.

Case Study-John, Construction Worker

John a Construction worker talks about the support he recieved from Working Health Services Borders.

Case Study-Michael-Heating Engineer

After a motorbike accident, which left Michael struggling to return to his former role. Input from Working Health Services Lothian helped him identify his work capabilities and negotiate a return into an alternative position within the company.

Case Study-SME, Clark Thomson-Insurance Brokers

A Dundee-based SME has helped introduce the Working Health Services programme to employees across the Tayside region.

Tayside G.P's Case Study-Dr Tom Dymock

Dundee GP Tom Dymock regularly encourages his patients to access Working Health Services for support with workplace health issues.