Case Study-John, Construction Worker

Last reviewed on 02/11/2012 17:34

John worked for a construction company. He found it a stressful working environment as lots of changes and redundancies were being made. John often lost his temper at work and became very angry and impatient towards his bosses and the people he managed. He felt that people took advantage of him and that the only way he could get them to listen to him was to be aggressive. As a result his relationship with colleagues was beginning to suffer and they would avoid working with him where possible.

His line manager decided that if John was unable to manage his anger, the company would have to let him go. After talking it through with him, he encouraged John to refer himself to Working Health Services Borders for support in dealing with his anger.

John telephoned Working Health Services Borders and an appointment was made for him to see the psychological therapist a week later. They met 6 times on a weekly basis and explored the issues behind his anger. They also focussed on more appropriate ways to manage and express John’s frustrations, using relaxation techniques to help him calm down in stressful situations and assertiveness skills to help him communicate his feelings. John made good progress, generally felt more relaxed and was able to control his anger both at work and at home. His relationships with colleagues improved and he was able to talk to his bosses about difficulties he was having at work and how they could resolve them together. His line manager also noticed that he was managing his anger more appropriately which further increased John’s confidence.