Case Study-Michael-Heating Engineer

Last reviewed on 02/11/2012 17:39

Michael was working as a heating engineer in a medium sized company when he had a motorbike accident, which left him with a broken left knee and left femur and paralysis of his left arm. He underwent surgery and physiotherapy over the following six months but was struggling to return to his former role. Input from Working Health Services Lothian helped him identify his work capabilities and negotiate a return into an alternative role within the company.

Michael’s physiotherapist referred him onto Working Health Service Lothian for more specific work capability input. He was reviewed by the team’s occupational therapist for a Job Analysis and Functional Capacity Evaluation. Following this assessment it was identified what his individual work capabilities were.

The case manager liaised closely with Michael’s line manager and negotiated redeploying him to an alternative role which would enable him to use his existing knowledge and skills and accommodate his physical abilities.

During this discussion it was agreed that a gradual return to work for Michael would enable him to build his stamina and integrate with the rest of the team. The return to work plan covered a four to eight week period including regular reviews and allowed flexibility for his progression and any medical appointments he needed to attend. Michael returned to work in his new role just a month after his referral to Working Health Services Lothian.

The team also recommended an Access to Work referral to help with the funding for adaptive equipment and secured assistance with travel as he was unable to drive to work or manage buses. His case manager maintained regular contact throughout the process and Michael is now an established member of the helpdesk team. His line manager said: “His determination and positive approach are commendable. We are very pleased to have him back among us and will continue to support him in sustaining his new role with the company.”