Case Study-Jack, Mechanic

Last reviewed on 02/11/2012 17:42

Working Health Services Lothian- Rapid Return to Work

Jack is a mechanic who works for a small sized company. Due to the nature of his work Jack developed tennis elbow on his right side. He went to his GP who gave him pain killers which helped him initially. Jack continued to work in pain for almost 6 months until the pain became so bad that he had to go off sick in October 2009. Jack started losing confidence in himself and was becoming low in mood because of taking time off work.

Jack was referred to Working Health Services Lothian by his GP in February 2010. During his initial interview the case manager identified Jack’s low mood and elbow pain and referred him to our counsellor and physiotherapist. The case manager also referred Jack to Community Help Advice Initiative (CHAI) for benefits advice to review his expenses since he was now only receiving sick pay. With the input from the physiotherapist Jack’s pain improved and sessions with the counsellor helped improve his mood and confidence. CHAI helped him to receive short term benefits to deal with his expenses.

After one month Jack was seen by our occupational therapist to look into his phased return to work. Our occupational therapist completed a job analysis and a job site visit along with our physiotherapist. During the work visit the possible accommodations and adaptations were discussed with the employer and a phased return to work plan was charted out to suit both the keeping in mind both the employer and Jack.

Jack started his phased return to work in modified duties at the end of March and our case manager was in touch with him during his phased return. Jack resumed his full duties at the beginning of May. His employer said,” I am impressed with the professionalism of Working Health Services Lothian; they maintained just the right balance between our company needs and Jack’s health which helped us to use Jack’s expertise without risking his health.”