Case Study - Jane Kelbie

Last reviewed on 02/11/2012 17:29

Jane Kelbie, 37, owns her own hair salon - Clipso Hair Design - in Dundee and has recently received support from Working Health Services Tayside.

After suffering from a bad fall, Jane found that she was struggling physically with her job due to whiplash in her neck, damage to her legs and severe headaches. After consulting her GP, she was referred to Working Health Services Tayside and eighteen months later, although not fully back at work, she is on the road to recovery and hopes to be back at work in the near future.

Jane said: “Before the fall I had had a number of tests to find out why I was getting headaches. After falling, the headaches got a lot worse and I found out that I had a disease in the brain which could leave me paralysed at any moment.

“I had to have a couple of operations and was in intensive care. I felt very ill and very scared and didn’t leave the house for three months after I got home. My job as a hairdresser involved a lot of socialising with customers and it was awful not being able to do what I loved.

“When I started to feel better I tried to go to work but I couldn’t do anything. My GP put me in contact with Working Health Services Tayside where I was offered the support I needed and now I feel so much better.

“The support I have received has been great. Over the last few months I have seen a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a counsellor. Each of them has been really understanding and they have helped me go from thinking I couldn’t do anything to getting back on track.

“My occupational therapist for example provided me with a great rehabilitation regime which got me excited about getting back to work and my counsellor allowed me to talk to someone when I was at my lowest point.

“It has been my physiotherapy that has helped me the most though. Before the treatment, I couldn’t even lift my arms without being in severe pain, but now eighteen months on and I am able to go into work two or three times a week and look after the reception area and do the paper work.

“The next step is getting back to cutting hair as my work is very important to me. I will keep trying to push through, but there is no doubt that without the help and support of Working Health Services I would not be in the position I am in today.”