Case Study-SME, Clark Thomson-Insurance Brokers

Last reviewed on 28/11/2012 21:18

A Dundee-based SME has helped introduce the Working Health Services programme to employees across the Tayside region.

Stewart Falconer, Group Health and Safety Advisor for insurance broker Clark Thomson, has worked with the programme since its launch in 2008, gaining a great deal of insight into its benefits in the process.

Stewart, 58, said: “Working Health Services Dundee is a great programme which offers a range of services for employees including physiotherapy and occupational health services. It’s been of real benefit to our employees; a fair number of our staff have now attended the service and I an in no doubt that without it, quite a few may have had to go off work.”

Earlier this year, the Dundee Working Health Service programme was expanded to allow eligible employees across Tayside to benefit from its expert workplace health advice and support. This meant that staff in Clark Thomson’s Perth office could also call on support from Working Health Service advisors.

He added: “Ensuring that our staff are happy and healthy is essential to the ongoing productivity of the company, and it’s equally vital for workers to know that we are committed to providing support to help resolve any work-related physical or mental health problems as quickly as possible.

“Through Working Health Services Dundee, our employees have access to a wealth of information on work-related health issues which can in many cases be used to help them before a work-related illness reaches the point where they are forced to take time off work.

“One of the primary benefits of Working Health Services is that it helps to create and sustain a positive, healthy workforce. Helping staff stay in work is hugely beneficial for both employees and employers, and I’d advise businesses to take advantage of the free support which is available from Working Health Services Dundee.”