Tayside G.P's Case Study-Dr Tom Dymock

Last reviewed on 28/11/2012 21:20

Dundee GP Tom Dymock regularly encourages his patients to access Working Health Services for support with workplace health issues.

Tom said: “The Working Health Services project offers access to a specialist workplace team of health professionals who offer a range of services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological services.

“As a GP, I am somewhat limited in the resources that I can offer my patients within these particular areas. However Working Health Services provide patients with access to local specialist advice, support and treatment.

“This service helps me greatly with my job as I can direct patients with workplace health issues to expert treatment and resources which can give them the help they need.”

An advantage of the Working Health Services project is the speed at which treatment can be delivered.

Tom added: “If a patient needs physiotherapy, for example, the average waiting time for the community is three months. With Working Health Services, it can be as little as two weeks, which makes a huge difference.

“The majority of my patients hate the idea of being out of work so are delighted at the thought of receiving treatment quickly. As a result, I have found that patients are more positive about getting back into the workplace and are willing to make whatever effort is required to ensure their treatment is successful.

“The short time frame also allows patients who are still in work to remain there without having to take time off due to work-related illness. By setting achievable goals, patients can stay motivated, resulting in positive outcomes for both employee and employer.”

Tom believes that Dundee’s Working Health Service is underused and he is keen to maximise the exposure of the project so that more people can benefit from it.

He said: “The service is a self referral process which is free of charge. Patients contact the Case Manager at their nearest Working Health Service and they are supported through a step-by-step process to deal with their physical or mental health problems.

“The individual is given the power to deal with their issues at a pace which suits them. This flexibility, coupled with the support and advice available from the service’s team of health professionals, makes Working Health Services an invaluable resource which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who requires it.”