Case study - Angela Henderson

Last reviewed on 28/11/2012 21:21

​Angela Henderson, 47, works as a Play Group Leader and Out of School Club Worker at a community centre in Dundee and recently received support from Working Health Services Tayside. 

After increasing her hours, the mum-of-two found that she was struggling physically and emotionally with the job. A visit to her GP saw her referred to Working Health Services Tayside and four months later she is still in work. 

Angela explained: “I had been on Incapacity Benefit for about five years before I went back to work about a year and a half ago. I now work at a local community centre where I am playgroup leader and also work with the after-school club. 

“I love my job but after increasing my hours, I started to feel like I had bitten off more than I could chew. My job involves a lot of standing and lifting things and this was giving me back pain and I was also having problems with fatigue. 

“The support I received has been great. In the past few months I have had seen a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a counsellor. Each of them has helped me with different issues and this has all come together to make my workplace better for my health. 

“For example the occupational therapist came into work with me and watched all the things I was doing to see if there was anything I could be doing differently to take the pressure off my back. 

“Meanwhile the physiotherapist was able to show me exercises to do to help ease the pain and the counsellor supported me with a few personal problems. 

“My job is really rewarding so I didn’t want to have to give it up. Working with young kids is always going to be hard work but the difference is that I now have someone on my side who knows how certain aspects of the job can affect your health and that makes it easier to put changes in place.”