Annual management review and management action plan

Last reviewed on 25/06/2014 11:02

Beyond your day-to-day obligations, employers should regularly review their health and safety arrangements to ensure consistency. We would recommend that this is an annual activity, or is carried out if there is a major change in your procedures.

Part 1: Carry out the management review

1. Work through the template form answering 'Yes', 'No' or 'Not applicable' to each consideration.
2. Focus on any areas marked 'No' and assign them a priority based on the colour coded system on the form.

Annual management review template [PDF]

Part 2: Transfer actions to the managment annual action plan

The action points from the management review should be transferred into the management action plan. This will provide you with a process and timetable for addressing your occupational health and safety needs.

Transfer the colour coded first, second and third actions from your management annual review into the corresponding section of this plan.

Management annual action plan template [PDF]

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