Creating a health and safety policy

Last reviewed on 15/09/2014 12:20

The most effective and efficient way for your business and organisation to successfully manage health and safety and to ensure you meet your legal obligations is by implementing a programme to monitor and review health and safety arrangements, policy and procedures.

A well constructed policy won't be cumbersome and will relate directly to your business and staff.

As part of your legal responsibilities, all organisations with five or more employees are required to also document a written policy statement, outlining their arrangements. While not legally required for smaller organisations, doing this can help you ensure you meet your other legal obligations, as well as create clarity and transparency throughout your organisation, saving time and money.

There is guidance available from a number of resources and the Healthy Working Lives team have drafted a worked example that may assist you in constructing your own.

Health and safety policy template [PDF]
Health and safety policy worked example [PDF]

Get started:

1. Check your legal requirements
2. Carry out staff consultation
3. Carry out a risk assessment
4. Ensure adequate staff training
5. Review/manage plan at regular intervals


Health and safety: quick start
Review/manage an existing policy
Health and safety: Legal requirements

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