Health and safety law poster / leaflet

Last reviewed on 26/06/2014 09:39

As part of  their health and safety legal responsibilities, any business that employs people must display the Health and Safety Law Poster or issue each employee with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) leaflet, Health and Safety Law: What You Need To Know (external link).

The poster and leaflet include basic health and safety information and let you employees know who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace. The poster format was updated in 2009 and all businesses should have the new poster displayed in their workplaces by 5 April 2014.

Ensuring Compliance

To ensure compliance you should do one of the following (though you can do both if you want to):

  • Purchase the poster from a reputable supplier and fill in the appropriate information for your workplace
  • Display it in a prominent place in your workplace so all staff can see and read it.


  • Order/download the HSE leaflet: Health and safety law: What You Need To Know
  • Circulate it to all employees, give it to new employees when they start with your organisation.

Further information

HSE: Health and safety law poster - frequently asked questions (external link)