Staff training

Last reviewed on 26/06/2014 09:47

As part of all business' obligations, carrying out appropriate health and safety training is a legal requirement.

Training your employees is critical to ensure they work safely and are aware of any hazards and risks they may face at work, and how to deal with them.

You must provide free health and safety training for your staff. All employees require training in procedures for fire, first aid and accident reporting. This is especially important when new employees join your organisation.

Additionally, some staff might have particular safety-related training needs; for example, those working or taking specific roles or changing jobs, fire-wardens or first-aiders or you company's nominated person.

Ensuring adequate health and safety training

1. Decide what training your employees need.
2. Arrange for training to take place during working hours.
3. Keep records of all training so that you can see when it might need to be repeated (you can use the training record template).
4. Arrange for training to take place during working hours.

Training record template

Training record template [PDF]

You can use this document to record your staff training activities or as a basis for your own version.

Further information:

Healthy Working Lives provides free training throughout Scotland on general health and safety as well as specialist areas. Check the events or sign up to the e-bulletin to be get up to date.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) training guidance: HSE provides guidance on training your workforce (external link).

HSE has produced a guidance leaflet [PDF] (external link) on training your workforce that is free to download.