Hazardous substances guidance

Last reviewed on 27/06/2014 15:01

A step-by-step guide to identifying and controlling hazardous substances

The pages and tools below have specific information on hazardous substances to help you identify if there is a problem in your workplace. Follow the steps below to assess, control and monitor those exposures and control measures.

Step 1) Health Risks at Work DVD: risks to breathing

Health Risks at Work DVD 

This short video will introduce you to respiratory health issues and exposures and the consequences these hazardous substances can have at work.


Step 2) Hazardous substances

Our webpage full of basic information to help you understand your duties and the steps you need to take to identify, assess and minimize exposures to hazardous substances.


Step 3) Health Risks at Work: risks to breathing

Risks to breathing page

Step-by-step guidance on management of respiratory (breathing) hazards.


Step 4) Skin and respiratory sensitisers

Understand how fumes and chemicals can have a lasting impact of the health of exposed workers.


Step 5) Respiratory Protective Equipment


Respiratory protective equipment

What you need to know before you introduce respiratory protective equipment (RPE) into your workplace.


Step 6) RPE selector tool

Start the RPE Selector Tool

A tool to help you identify the correct respiratory protective equipment for the work carried out by your staff. Don’t leave the mask to chance!


Step 7) Health surveillance

Health surveillance employers' pack

Some workers may require ongoing health surveillance - watching out for early signs of work-related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks. Find out how to carry out health surveillance.