Silhouette of a workerEmployability is about helping people gain the skills and capacities needed to enter and succeed in the labour market, and adapting the working environment to support them at work.

This section lets you know how you can get involved, the benefits of doing so, and about legal obligations for employers.

What is Employability?

This section gives definitions of 'employability' and outlines why it's a priority area for the Scottish Government.

Work is Good for Your Health!

This section gives an overview of the recent research that shows the health benefits of work.

The Benefits of Employability to Your Organisation

As well as expanding your workforce, your organisation could reap plenty of other benefits from engagement with the employability agenda. Find out what they are here.

Employability – How Can Your Organisation Get Involved?

Information on agencies that can help you work with priority groups and advice for employers on addressing employability issues from recruitment practices to induction.

Discrimination - Legal Obligations on Employers

Employers are obliged to take steps to prevent discrimination in recruitment and in the workplace. Read a summary of relevant UK legislation here.

Are You Out of Work?

Read why engaging in work or other meaningful activity could improve your health and information about the help that's available to get you started.