The Benefits of Employability to Your Organisation

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This section gives details of why it makes good business sense for organisations of all kinds to engage with the employability agenda.

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An un-tapped pool of labour

Scotland’s future depends on people with positive attitudes and good core employability skills.

Meanwhile, our population is ageing as our low national birth rate continues. Although some shortfalls in the labour market have been partly filled by migrant workers, we cannot rely on overseas sources to fill job vacancies.

One solution is to look again at how we can better use the talents and skills we already have in Scotland but that are currently unused.

Many people are prevented from working only by personal circumstances such as lack of qualifications or health-related barriers.

For example, between 80 and 90 per cent of people coming onto incapacity benefits say they want to get back into work¹. There are currently around 300,000 people claiming incapacity benefits in Scotland².

1. Figure from Pathways to Work

2. Figure from Futureskills Scotland Briefing 

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Increasing prosperity, reducing social problems

The social problems that arise from having so many unproductive citizens are another reason why businesses should become involved.

This group represents a huge loss of human potential for Scotland; it disproportionately contributes to the crime figures, and is a drain on public resources from the criminal justice system to the NHS.

Supporting people to become more productive will increase the pool of potential clients, customers, and future employees for Scottish businesses.

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Direct benefits to organisations

As well as assisting with the creation of a healthier, more prosperous Scotland, attending to employability issues within your organisation can also:

  • help demonstrate your organisation's commitment to diversity
  • improve your organisation's ability to represent the communities you are involved with
  • provide opportunities for developing management and mentoring skills among your existing workforce
  • widen your recruitment pool of potential employees
  • reduce staff turnover and improve attendance
  • create a more diverse workforce
  • strengthen your diversity and equal opportunities practice
  • increase and further your Corporate Social Responsibility profile and agenda.

If you choose to work with an employability agency, you will also influence the employability agenda and help ensure potential employees are better prepared for work in your organisation.

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