First Aid

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Appointed Persons

It makes sense to appoint a particular person to be responsible for your First Aid requirements. This Appointed Person should:

  • take charge when someone is injured or falls ill, and call an ambulance if necessary
  • look after the First Aid equipment, and ensuring the First Aid Box fully stocked
  • be available at all times when people are at work on the site.

But remember, the Appointed Person should NOT attempt to give First Aid unless he or she has been properly trained and certified to administer First Aid.

First Aider

Your risk assessment should identify how many First Aiders you need depending on the nature and type of your business. In an office environment where the risk of accident or injury is relatively low, the HSE recommends that you should have at least one First Aider (who could, but doesn't have to be the Appointed Person) for every 100 employees.

Wherever possible, you should make sure that you have at least one First Aider available throughout the working day. A First Aider is someone who has successfully completed an HSE-approved training course in administering First Aid at work and holds a current certificate.

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