Equipment and Safe Working Practice

Worker silhouetteThis section gives information on the safe and healthy use of common work equipment and safe working methods.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Learn more about selecting the correct RPE (respirators and breathing apparatus) for your work activities and access the online RPE selector tool.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Advice on the provision of and when to use PPE, how to select appropriate equipment and legal requirements.

Work Equipment

Advice on the selection, use and maintenance of tools and equipment used in the workplace.

Display Screen Equipment

Advice on how to set up and operate computer displays and work stations safely.

Lifting Operations and Equipment

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Information on how to comply with regulations on lifting operations and equipment, including inspection and testing, and safe working practices.

Manual Handling

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Practical advice on assessing the risks and safe techniques for manual handling.


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Maintenance involves keeping the workplace, its structures, equipment, machines, furniture and facilities in good repair and operating efficiently and safely.

Working at Heights

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How to protect workers from the dangers of working at height.

Safety Signs and Signals

Information on how and where signs and signals are needed and how to comply with relevant regulations.

Driving at Work

Advice on improving the safety of people who drive for work, including use of private vehicles by staff and volunteers.

Transport and Vehicles

Advice on safe use of and legal requirements for workplace transport, from vans to fork lift trucks.