These topic areas cover issues to consider if maintenance is to be effectively managed and legal requirements met. This guidance covers more than just maintenance of plant equipment and premises - it also offers advice on maintaining safe systems of work and on the major health issues that could effect your workforce.

What is maintenance?

A quick introduction to maintenance and what it means in practice for your business.

Managing Health and Safety

Find health & safety management resources from the HSE, Centre for Healthy Working Lives. You'll also find helpful tips for working with contractors and consulting employees.

Common health hazards

Find links to and resources of the most common health hazards for your workplace. You'll find links to information on how to avoid hazards to your breathing, hearing and skin, amongst others.

Risk assessments and method statements

Get a risk assessment template and translations of this document, plus find out how you might make up a method statement if you conduct maintenance work on behalf of someone else.

Maintenance training

Looks at issues for training employees to do and supervise maintenance.

Inspection and testing

Get more details on maintaining lifting equipment, pressure systems and reducing exposure to hazardous substances. This equipment may require timetables of testing and maintenance.