Risk assessments and method statements

Last reviewed on 18/12/2012 12:23

Your maintenance work activities should have a risk assessment as part of the planning process. You can also find out how to conduct a risk assessment and details of relevant legislation.

Maintenance and risks created for those who undertake maintenance should also be considered in the planning of other work activities. For example when purchasing or installing and new equipment, a risk assessment should be produced. The assessment should consider the implication of maintenance requirements and any hazards that this presents.

Risk assessment record

Download an easy-to-understand risk assessment recording form template.

View search results for 'Risk assessment' to find examples of how to complete assessments. This includes display screen equipment, manual handling and also control of substances hazardous to health. You'll also be able to download risk assessment resources in other languages, including Russian, Polish and Portuguese.

Visit the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE)comprehensive list of example risk assessments (external link) for many industries. The HSE add to the list regularly.

Method statements

If you are undertaking maintenance work on behalf of others, you may be required to produce a method statement or complete a contractor appraisal procedure. Our risk assessment method statement guidance can assist you in completing the necessary documentation.