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Last reviewed on 19/11/2012 16:57

Question: Are registered engineers the only people who can install gas appliances?

Work on gas appliances should only be carried out by a competent person. Although the legislation does not stipulate that Gas Safe registration is essential, most guidance suggests that competence includes being registered. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other authorities expect that this guidance will be followed.

The guidance notes published along with the regulations state that level of competence must match the work being done.

All gas installation businesses, including self-employed gas installers, are required to be in membership of a 'class of persons' approved by HSE. The only body with such approval is the Gas Safe Register. Gas fitters who are employed by a member of the Gas Safe Register (external site) need not be in membership in their own right.

It’s important to check the registration with the Gas Safe Register and not rely on the card or the registration number alone.

HSE operate a Gas Safety Advice Line on 0800 300 363. Local building control officers or the Gas Safe Register can offer advice on the relevant standards for gas installations.

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