Healthy work benefits: employing young people

Last reviewed on 23/06/2014 11:18

For a young person entering the workplace, sometimes for the first time, adjusting to working life, while learning and performing tasks they may never have undertaken before can be a transition.

Successfully managing their integration can involve different considerations to that of a more work experienced staff member.

As part of your induction procedures, when employing a young person you may want to assess or provide more information and support on the following areas, especially if they are entering the workplace for the first time:

  • Clear definition of their role and the expectations on them
  • Information and support around working hours, breaks, dress code, pay/tax, working conditions (especially if they are totally new to the workplace)
  • Enhanced health and safety induction if they have no prior knowledge/experience
  • Introduce greater responsibilities gradually, expand the challenges as they are ready for them, recognising some may adapt more quickly than others
  • Driving at/for work, as they can be relatively newly experienced drivers (though this can apply at any age), or unfamiliar with larger/specialised work vehicles.

Legal obligations

There are also legal duties and obligations specific to young people under the age of 18.

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