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Oral health is an important aspect of general health. Through good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups, dental decay, gum disease and some cancers can be prevented.

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Why promote oral health in the workplace?

Promoting oral health in the workplace provides a valuable health benefit to both employees and employers in relation to work attendance and performance. Good oral health can also be important when dealing with clients – it can help make a good first impression.

A good tooth brushing routine is important for avoiding additional, unplanned visits to the dentist and time off work.


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Promoting oral health in the workplace

Employers can help by raising awareness of good dental health practices and by encouraging and facilitating employees to attend their dental practitioner on a regular basis.

Examples of workplace activities include:

  • incorporating oral health messages into your healthy eating campaigns
  • encourage tooth brushing during working day
  • provide and promote drinking water
  • participate in national campaigns promoting oral health, e.g. National Smile Week.


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Further information on promoting oral/dental health at work

Dental Health Foundation (external site) Guidance on dental and oral health issues.


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