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Working with Healthy Working Lives helped Intelligent Storage Solutions to win new customers and contracts – and recognition by Scotland’s Institute of Directors.

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Raymond Logan from Intelligent Storage Solutions first got involved with HWL in October 2010, after a contact at Business Gateway recommended the free service. The company is an energetic young business, with 15 employees, whose turnover has quadrupled to more than £1million since then.

‘We wanted to tender for work with large corporate companies, and they want you to have all of your policies in place before awarding work,’ he says.

The work that we’ve won is down to the help that we’ve had from Healthy Working Lives Raymond Logan - Director

Achievements and recognition

Over the last year, the company has gained several certifications from the International Standards Organization (ISO) in fields such as Environmental Management and Quality Management*, and has used Healthy Working Lives to help achieve these goals.

‘We’ve given our policies a complete overhaul,’ Raymond continues. It’s all part of the ISO ratings and the health and safety procedures that we’ve put in place as well.’

‘It’s quite exciting when you get into it!’

The company has also been accredited as an approved treatment facility by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), enabling it to process, store and export Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) goods throughout the world.

The relationship with HWL has also reaped numerous benefits for Raymond, not least his nomination as one of four finalists in the running for the Institute of Directors (IoD) Scotland’s 2012 Director Award for Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

‘We’ve invested time and effort in workplace health and safety, not to win awards, but simply because it makes good business sense,’ says Raymond. ‘But of course we were delighted just to be nominated. To then get down to the final four was an unexpected surprise – and a real recognition of all our hard work.’

*ISO 9001, 14001, 27001

Free expert advice

‘We found Healthy Working Lives through Business Gateway – we’ve done quite a lot of work with them in the past and they recommended the programme.’

Since then, Intelligent Storage Solutions has made full use of the Healthy Working Lives website, the advice line and the Lanarkshire Healthy Working Lives adviser to make sense of health and safety legislation. The adviser guided them to the relevant information, saving them time and effort.

‘We had looked through information about health and safety from the Health and Safety Executive, but it can be difficult to decide which information is pertinent.’

Make sense of the legislation

‘We had a meeting with our local Healthy Working Lives adviser who carried out a free workplace assessment, looked at hazards in the workplace and provided advice on control measures. We worked through their recommendations in a logical way, using their Safer Work Healthier Business pack,’ Raymond explains.

‘When I first decided to work on our health and safety policies I found it really difficult,’ Raymond says.

'It’s good to know that there’s an option there for small businesses,’ he continues. ‘With help from Healthy Working Lives it was fairly straightforward.'

Staff training

Intelligent Storage Solutions has found that involving staff in the learning process has helped them to understand why the new policies are so important.

‘Everyone has definitely been involved, because health and safety isn’t just the responsibility of the management, it’s for everybody in the workplace. I try to involve everybody as much as I possibly can. They’re the guys who are on the floor, working. Change was difficult at first, but we’ve tried to involve everyone.’

New customers and contracts

Large organisations expect their contractors to adhere to high standards.

‘They’re quite rigorous and it can be difficult to know where to start with policies,’ Raymond explains.

‘Without the health and safety policies, and the information we’ve had from Healthy Working Lives we probably wouldn’t have been able to tender for work with these companies, and the work that we’ve won is down to the help that we’ve had with our policies from Healthy Working Lives.’ With strong policies and procedures in place, the company has been able to aim high, winning contracts with NHS Humberside and Yorkshire and the Scottish Parliament and tendering for work with other large organisations.

‘It’s become part of our tendering process. It definitely has helped to win us new business, and more work,’ says Raymond.

Lessons learned

While Intelligent Storage Solutions had to invest some time at the beginning to put policies in place, Raymond believes that the business will recoup this quickly. The process of tendering for work with large corporations is now faster.

‘I’d highly recommend Healthy Working Lives to other small businesses,’ says Raymond. Once you realise that there’s free help and support out there it’s a great journey.’

He plans to introduce more aspects of the programme.

‘We’re keen to start work on improving staff wellbeing, by looking at some of the other aspects of Healthy Working Lives. I fully intend to implement these.’

Raymond Logan
Director Intelligent Storage Solutions Ltd.
Unit 6
Stirling Road East


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