Workplace visits

Last reviewed on 24/06/2015 15:35

Workplace visits are free and confidential. They are designed to give you the best possible advice on making your workplace healthier and safer.

Arranging a visit

Call the Adviceline on 0800 019 2211.

One of our advisers will be pleased to discuss your needs.

What happens during a workplace visit?

During the visit, your Healthy Working Lives Adviser will request a tour of your workplace. They will look at common health and safety issues, as well as any arising from the specific nature of your work.

The adviser will then identify areas of good practice, as well as those where improvements can be made.

Your personalised report

Following a workplace visit, your adviser will produce a short but comprehensive report on their findings. The report will outline areas where the business could improve and highlight areas of good practice.

Different areas will be rated using an easily understood 'traffic light' system, where items given a red rating should be given the highest priority for action.


Your adviser will arrange a follow-up visit to talk through the report, giving you practical advice on how to improve any identified areas.

They may also refer you to other organisations that may be able to assist your further.