National - Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop


"Resilience is the personal capability to cope with adverse events, and the determination and drive to see something through to its conclusion"

We know that excessive pressure at work or outside work (or a combination of the two) can lead to stress. Stress is a set of symptoms that can have a negative impact on performance and lead to physical or mental health problems. It is important, where possible, to address the root causes of stress at work, reducing the risk as far as reasonably practicable. Just as you would do with other health and safety hazards in the workplace. However, there are some stressors that cannot be reduced and adverse events that happen, inside and outside work that cannot be planned for or avoided. The extent to which our employees cope with these situations depends on their level of personal resilience. The good news is we can help employees build their personal resilience so that they can cope better with excessive pressure, adverse events and change. Line managers and supervisors attending this intensive 3 hour workshop will be supported to: 

  •  Understand the links between pressure, stress, performance and health

  • Measure personal resilience (using a questionnaire providing scores on 8 dimensions of resilience)

  • Identify actions you, as an employer, can take to build employee resilience

  • Identify how you can help your employees to build their personal resilience

Delegates leave the workshop with resources, tools and sources of support to use in their workplace.

Event Information


10.00 - 13.00 15/02/2018




The Chamber, Buchan House - Peterhead
St Peter Street
AB42 1QF
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Andrea Gilmartin
07811 974959

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