ToolBox - Fire Safety Awareness Training

Forth Valley

Thisworkshop is aimed at managers, supervisors and others who have specific firesafety responsibilities in their organisation.The workshophighlights the key role of line managers, supervisors and others who haveresponsibility for fire safety in the workplace. It focuses on the practicalaspects of fire safety and the importance of ensuring that fire hazards areidentified and control measures are introduced to reduce the likelihood offire breaking out. Delegates leave the session with an understanding of themethodology to adopt when carrying out a fire risk assessment and how to writean emergency fire action plan for their workplace. It also offers somepractical advice on fire safety at home.Programme Workshopaim and objectivesInteractiveQuizLegalrequirementsSectorspecific fire safety guidanceFireSafety LogbookEmergencyfire action planFivesteps to fire risk assessment  apractical exerciseBenefits of carrying out afire risk assessment.InteractiveQuizFiresafety at homeWhere to get help.Summaryand evaluation

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09:30 - 12:30


£20:00 + vat


Enterprise House
Springkerse Business Park
Forth Valley
FK10 2EL
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